The mission of the Nordic AI Alliance is to contribute to accelerating adoption of AI technology in businesses and organizations throughout the Nordic countries — in order to position the Nordic as a leader in AI. Through stronger collaboration between the Nordic countries. The members of the Nordic AI Alliance pledge to help facilitate this acceleration, by helping other companies and organizations in the Nordic countries come in contact with the best expertise to help them throughout their AI journey.





Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already being used to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges and is being put at the core of change by organizations and countries around the world at an increasing pace.

The Nordic countries have strong regional values ensuring that everyone in society benefits from advancement in technology and research. The region has also historically shown a fair balance between the interests of business and individual citizens - to the extent that the many in the world look to the Nordics as a good example.

To remain competitive we need to increase the pace at which we adopt AI technology at the core of business and infrastructure. The Nordic countries can and should do more.  AI will be change engine of the coming decade and we cannot afford to be left behind. One of the keys to keeping up with those who are larger and have more resources is collaboration, an area where the Nordic countries have always shown great strength, and have used as a means to punch beyond their size.


The challenges of AI


AI offers a cognitive increase in any organization’s capability to make predictions related to their products and services. This will enable them to constantly change and improve, often in ways that we could not have anticipated without AI. The more data an organization can work with, the greater the potential for an increase in predictive efficiency. 

To adopt AI as a change driver and become ‘AI First’ is a hard task for any organization. The journey can be divided into the following areas of challenges, where support is needed: 


01/ Basic knowledge & understanding of AI
AI is an unknown area for most. The general reference for most comes from Science Fiction and movies. In order to take the first steps on any AI journey, the leaders of any organizations need to understand the basics of what AI is, what promise it holds, and how they should relate to it.

02/ Becoming a data driven organization
AI is all about using data to create predictions. In order to put AI at the core of business and change — a process that facilitates data driven business decisions needs to be at the foundation. Identifying relevant problems and opportunities for where to apply AI in your organization is a good start to that process.

03/ Mastery of data
No data no AI. For any organization to work with AI, they need to have their data in order, usable, structured, accessible, and not least know who is responsible and how its allowed to be used. In many organizations this is not the case, and external help can be wise to bring in to inventory and structure your data infrastructure.

04/ AI Expertise
The advancement in the field of AI has in the last decade has happened faster than any previous advancement in human history. This has lead to a world wide shortage in knowledge and expertise. It can be tempting to hire an AI researcher to lead your AI journey. Before doing so it may be wise to remember that products and services at the core of business and organizations have other and sometimes more complex dependencies than research projects do. It can be wise to bring in outside consultants at the beginning of your AI journey. 

05/ Tooling suited for business
The speed of development and lack of expertise has created a situation where AI projects are run with a patchwork of tools, that do not necessarily meet all the needs for operational AI, deployed into products and services. Make sure to evaluate your infrastructure needs before investing. 

06/ Organizational evolution
Evolving into an ‘AI first' organization will change a lot, both at individual role level and in how the organization functions. For many this represent a fundamental shift in mindset, involving constant change and openness to new possibilities. This requires leadership and sometimes new approaches to organizational structures and processes. New research and expert consultants are available in the field of organizational psychology that bring great value to this evolution. 

07. Designing and building AI products & services
AI can catalyze change. It helps optimize your current business and opens up to new innovation. Designing services and solutions with AI, you need to ensure that you add value to your users. To be effective, you need to truly understand your users and their core problems, build prototypes, test and refine your final solution. This will enable you to create and launch meaningful services that appeal to people, in essence, fuel your future growth.




The members of the Nordic AI Alliance all act within six areas of AI challenge listed above, and at largely viewed as the best within each area.

As a member of the Nordic AI Alliance I will be in continuous dialogue with the other Alliance members, ensuring that we share information and sync learnings.

As a member of the Nordic AI Alliance I pledge to help my fellow companies and organizations in the Nordic countries on their AI journey, by directing them the best possible expertise according to their needs.


Alliance Members

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 08.52.08.png

Annotell provides a unique web-based platform that makes it radically smoother and more efficient to create reliable annotated data for supervised machine learning, particularly for safety-oriented applications such as autonomous cars. 

Gothenburg, Sweden


Sana Labs is an artificial intelligence company that applies recent breakthroughs in machine learning to personalize education. Our interdisciplinary team consists of experienced engineers and scientists with backgrounds ranging from Imperial College and CERN to Google and Spotify.

Stockholm, Sweden


Silo.AI is the largest AI solution and service provider in the Nordics that offers scalable expertise in machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing. Silo.AI strongly believes in the future of human-centered AI solutions to provide strategic assets to the core business of its customers in a measurable, safe and explainable way. The company serves clients across several industries on four continents. Some Silo.AI solutions include a tool for the Finnish airline Finnair to improve situational awareness and a tool to improve water quality at water treatment facilities for the global leading engineering company Ramboll.

Helsinki & Turku, Finland // London, United Kingdom


Fourkind is The Hands-on Advisory Company. We amplify current businesses with advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and platform economy consulting. We help decision-makers build organizations, processes and revenue around things we do best: data, machine learning, and new business concepts. We aim to test all of our cases in real contexts and build state-of-the-art metrics execution loops.

Helsinki, Finland // Amsterdam, Netherlands // Shanghai, China


Building voice user interfaces for professional tools and services. Speechgrinder’s voice technology translates spoken words into actionable tasks in fractions of a second. Simply utter an order and your request will be turned into a structured and well-defined action – anything from a command to tuning into your favourite radio station or issuing an aircraft cabin maintenance ticket.

Helsinki, Finland

peltarion_logotype_horizontal_black (4).png

Peltarion provides a collaborative, graphical cloud platform for developing, managing and deploying deep learning systems at scale. It’s designed for use, so it’s got everything you need to execute an AI project from start to finish in a single software platform. Our mission is to make AI technology usable and affordable for all. 

Stockholm, Sweden // London, United Kingdom

Modulai logo 1.png

Modulai is a machine learning agency. Our team consists of devoted and highly qualified machine learning engineers with strong track records from some of Sweden’s most successful startups. We have developed and deployed systems ranging from recommendation engines and fraud detection systems to natural language processing applications, social network serving layers and dynamic pricing backends.

Stockholm, Sweden


Mapillary is the street-level imagery platform that uses computer vision to fix the world’s maps. Mapillary brings together a global network of contributors who want to make the world accessible to everyone by visualizing the world and building better maps. Anyone can join and collect street-level images, using simple tools like smartphones or action cameras. With computer vision, we connect images across time and space to create immersive street-level views and extract map data.

Malmö, Sweden // New York, USA // Graz, Austria


Strategy, design, creative, high performance engineering, and unmatched execution. Our hybrid teams work closely with our clients, combining human, cultural, and technological understanding to creative thinking and practical skills. They structure, design and build, iterate, implement, and reinvent, delivering value faster than most consider realistic.

Helsinki & Turku, Finland // Amsterdam, Netherlands // New York, USA // Tokyo, Japan // Dubai, UAE


Iris.ai is an AI-powered science assistant that helps you save time, discover more and increase the quality of results in the early phase of a research project. Iris.ai reads, understands and maps out deeply technical and scientific texts, helping you to explore new information. She is growing up to become an AI Scientist herself, with the ability of doing inference and find new solutions from a vast body of scientific knowledge.

Oslo, Norway // Sofia, Bulgaria // Helsinki, Finland


Doberman is a design and innovation firm. Founded two decades ago, we are today home to 100 people across our studios in Stockholm and New York. We use technology as a catalyst to innovate new offerings, transform businesses, and design and build products and services that cut through the noise. 

Stockholm, Sweden // New York, USA


Avaus turns AI and customer intelligence into business growth, at speed. We support customers in setting a future-proofed vision, implement the needed technical, analytical and organisational capabilities, and help you realise the value of your investments – while pushing you out of your comfort zone. Our mission is to foster customer-centricity and equip organisations with the right capabilities to grow and face an algorithmic future.

Stockholm, Sweden // Helsinki, Finland // Munich, Germany // Gdansk, Poland


Futurice is a digital engineering and innovation consultancy that helps organisations transform their business by bringing together complex software engineering and beautiful human-centered design. We unleash a culture of innovation and create digital products and services that make companies and societies future capable. We believe technology amplifies human potential.

Berlin // Helsinki // London // Munich // Oslo // Stockholm // Tampere


Valohai is a Deep Learning Management Platform that let’s data scientists concentrate on two things: their code and data. The platform automates everything else around it.

San Fransisco // Turku


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